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Long time no blog

So I keep saying that I am going to do all these great posts and blogs and blah, blah, blah… well here I am, like, 10 months later and I have failed miserably. I hang my head in shame.

In all honesty, life has just gotten crazy, and for me personally, I am very much the kind of person that I need to be in the right head space in order to be creative, and I just haven’t been there as of late. But don’t fret my dears, because I am blogging again (one blog post counts, right?!) and also working on a really cool new project that is currently in the beginning stages of creation, but it is definitely getting my creative juices flowing again.

Oh and because I am here, and why they heck not! I wanted to share a really cool body scrub recipe that I kinda made up/was inspired by a certain Instagram famous body scrub, cough *franks*.

So a little back story, I love to exfoliate. I am OBSESSED with it actually. To the point that friends by me soap with extreme exfoliation bits in them and I may or may not exfoliate to the point of scraping up my skin… Relax… it was one time, I learned my lesson.

Back on track, so on InstaG I kept seeing all those cute skinny, Aussie, girls with glowing skin and coffee grounds on them claiming to have the softest skin ever. So naturally, I was very intrigued. I did some googling and what not and came across Frank’s Body Scrub, and it looked pretty cool. Then i started to look at the ingredients and realized that I had quite a few of them and decided to try it out on my own. The results, were pretty good if you ask me. It was super easy and after using it, my skin was glowing and so soft. I was and am hooked on phonics with this stuff.

Like I said, it is super easy to make. All you need are some coffee grounds (I use the old ones from my morning coffee), coconut oil, shea butter (optional), sea salt, brown sugar, and an essential oil of your choosing (I chose grapefruit).

To make;

  1. Mix shea butter and coconut oil , approximately 2 cups of each, until they became soft
  2. Then add in approx 2 cups of coffee grounds, mix until well incorporated,
  3. Add in 1/4 cup of sea salt and 1/4 cup brown sugar
  4. Then add in 7 or so drops of grapefruit essential oil.

I mixed these all together for about 1 minute until it became fluffy and then I was done. I’ve kept it stored in an old mason jar in my bathroom for about 1 week and it is still going strong.

Seriously, so easy and inexpensive. My skin is so invigorated and soft, I didn’t even have to put on lotion afterwards (although, I did just a little because I am crazy about soft skin!).

Thanks for stopping by Fashionistas, have a great Tuesday ūüôā


Nailed it



Today I am wearing Essie, St. Lucia Lilac and Essie, luxeeffects, As Gold As It Gets.

Happy Tuesday Fashionistas!

Things I will always love

It’s a major life changing event when I like/love something for more than a few months.¬†I get bored¬†easily¬†and¬†turned¬†off by things¬†faster¬†than Linday Lohan driving away after a hit and run.

I can’t help it. It’s just my nature

So what are these elusive things? Well for starters, they¬†aren’t¬†earth¬†shattering, so¬†don’t¬†get too excited. These are just styles, products, trends and items that I took a likening too and¬†haven’t¬†let looked back since (Some I have, some I use, some I¬†emulate¬†and some I covet). Warning; this is a very random list…so ¬†just go with it.

  1. Matte nail polish – I can’t even begin to describe to you how excited I got when a few years¬†back¬†matte mail polish came to the mainstream. Ever since the day I laid eyes on SMG (Sarah Michelle Gellar) wearing¬†white¬† matte nail polish in an episode of BTVS (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), I have been hooked. When¬†I¬†was younger, I would wear white out on my nails to try and recreate her polish!
  2. Leather pants – I’m not sure where this one stemmed from. I just so¬†happen¬†to think that ladies look muy caliente with¬†some¬†cow hide on their ass.
  3. Beachy hair – I’m a no fuss kinda gal when it comes to may hair, so beachy waves are perfect for me.
  4. Statement¬†Jewellery¬†–¬†I’m¬†not one for¬†anything¬†delicate, intricate or small. Tiny¬†jewellery¬†pieces¬†don’t¬†work for me, so I have always loved anything big, bold and chunky. Plus, when an item is so “in your face” everything else you wear can be minimal, which is exactly my style!
  5. This look –¬†
    This look is the cat’s pyjamas. Note, how she wears a simple top and bottom but throws on a fun¬†print¬†or embellished jacket. I DIE! She is my god.
  6. Black¬†eye-liner, pink blush and pink lip gloss – It is my go to look. It can be worn¬†during¬†the day and at night,¬†depending on how heavy-handed you are. Plus it looks good on most, if not all, skin tones and face shapes. The brighter the pink the better! My girl Emma rocks it (Did I mention Emma Stone is my¬†girlfriend!? She is so gorgeous) without bronzer, but for a “glow” I like to throw some on.¬†
  7. Glitter –¬†I love glitter. It makes me happy. That is all.
  8. Exfoliating Gloves – I am an exfoliation whore. I could exfoliate my skin all day long. Exfoliation gloves are perfect for a person like me,¬†they are¬†textured¬†so you¬†don’t¬†need to use an exfoliating product (I do though!) which is especially good for sensitive skin!
  9. Ruby Slippers – Ever since I first laid eyes on Dorthy’s Ruby Slippers, I have wanted a pair. They are just the most exquisite pieces I have ever seen. I¬†could never¬†bring¬†myself to buy anything that looks like them. If I can’t have the real thing, nothing will be good enough.
  10. These jackets; No explanation needed!
  11. Chanel 2.55 or Classic Flap – I¬†shouldn’t¬†have to explain why, but I will. They are Chanel, ’nuff said.
  12. Messy buns – I love the look of a messy updo, it’s so “Business in the¬†front¬†and Party in the back”… in the most non-mullet looking kind of way.
  13. Sonicare Toothbrush – Yup, a toothbrush. This thing is life changing, I would never go back to any other tooth-brush (manual or electric). There’s no other¬†toothbrush¬†like it. ¬†It’s like a unicorn brushing my teeth.

And there you have it folks, the things I love. Well, other than real things like family and friends! Lol.

Happy Wednesday Fashionistas!

K√©rastase to the rescue‚Ķ It is WORKING!

I am happy to report back that my new hair care regime is working!!!

I am so freakin’ happy. I have only used it 3 times, as I am trying at all costs to avoid heat styling so I’m only washing my hair every 4 days (might sounds gross to some, but it is actually bad to wash your hair everyday!). But, I have to say that even after those few times, I’m seeing the results I was hoping for.

I used the¬†system¬†last night (Hair¬†masque, ¬†shampoo and conditioner) but¬†didn’t¬†heat style after, so no blow drying or anything like that.¬†This morning I woke up to hair that, while still damaged, was not frizzy and crazy like it has been. I was beyond thrilled!

It is so moisturising I could pee my pants from how excited I get when I feel my hair after. Last week, I used it the “proper way” aka. with heat styling, and my hair felt amazing.¬†Not¬†only did it feel amazing right after, but the days that followed too. That is a huge thing for me,¬†because¬†as of late my hair has been going √ľber dry within a day or two after I wash it, even with hair masques and all the other voodoo I was trying.

I can’t contain my happiness. I highly recommend these products!

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