Leather track pants… Yeah, I just said that

by littlefashionistaontheprairie

My most recent obsession is with Juicy Couture’s Leather Track Pants. I must admit, I feel like a total skeeze ball even saying “Leather Track Pants”, but believe me when I say that these magnificent and glorious beasts are what *fashionistas around the globe dream of.

Behold, the most amazing pants you will ever lay your mere, mortal eyes upon…


Please excuse the poor choice of footwear ShopBop decided to throw on their model, they don’t do these pants justice (they aren’t doing any favours for the model either, let me tell ya!).

These pants are the perfect mix of edgy, casual, rocker, and chic. Not necessarily terms you would mix together when describing clothes, but that’s what’s so great about them. They are super versatile (I think we may have to start a drinking game for every time I write that word on my blog) and easy to wear, and match pieces with. It  may be a bit hard to imagine what you would pair with them, but trust me, after seeing them on Song of Style, here, and here (this girls sense of style is fashion boner inducing), it was much easier to see their potential.

For starters, I wouldn’t change a thing about what she did with her outfits. They are perfection. But of course every Fashionista has to add her own special flava flav, so I would definitely pair them with a few more scrumptious things.

For a more casual, running around look I would do this;

For a Friday evening out with the gals or with the boy, I would do this;

Night Out

And I would even wear them to work, like this;

Work Style

Endless options, if you ask me. I like the idea of pairing them more slightly, feminine pieces, as they are quite masculine. I also think that it is important to keep your other articles of clothing somewhat simplistic, go cray cray in the accessory or shoe area, but leave everything else a bit understated i.e. not a lot of frills. Don’t forget to tuck ladies, muy importante!

That’s all for now! Happy Thursday Fashionistas!


*the cool ones