Winter/Spring Wish List

by littlefashionistaontheprairie

Winter just started here, which is a ridiculously depressing thought, so to think about Spring fashion seems a little masochistic. However, it is all about the new spring collections for most retailers, so it is kind of hard to escape. So while many of you can start dreaming about pastels and capris and such, I’m still stuck thinking about Sorels and long johns. This doesn’t mean a girl can’t partake, I just have to make sure that any items I pick up are slightly more versatile, i.e.  wearable with tights, blazers and in some cases, wearable when it is only +3 out (flip-flop weather to most Edmontonians). Which is kinda what I’m all about.

After some major perusing on the interweb, I was able to find some pretty great pieces that I am super excited to go and check out.

First stop, H&M.

Let me start by just saying that H&M is always hit and miss for me. The products look great on-screen or on the hanger and then I try it on and I am disappointed. I am crossing my fingers that these items are as great as they look. Please, don’t break my heart H&M!

Leather Sleeved Canvas JacketAnimal Print JacketTextured TrouserPencil SkirtTuxedo BlouseSkull Tank TopLeather Dress

For obvious reasons, the leather dress and leather sleeved jacket are my favourite. Here’s to hoping they are as amazing in person!

Next stop, Zara.

Zara never lets me down, and I’ve already seen most of these items in person, so I can say with 100% certainty that I love them all.











If I had to pick only 2 items from this whole list, it would be difficult. I love every item so much, but the fate of the world depends on this situation (or so I would tell myself) and thus I would have to pick the army green shirt with the detailing on the shoulders (in person, I almost died when I saw it) and the sequined sweatshirt, that thing is adorbs all ’round!

We recently got an Express in Edmonton and while I have yet to check it out, there is one item that really jumped out at me;


How cute is that thing!? I’ve already started putting together outfits with it… cause I’m cah-ray-zay like that.

Finally, I found this really great online store based out of Australia, and I am head over heels in love with all of the dresses and play suits I found on this site. The store is called, Esther (website found here).

Words can’t even describe how much I want these items. They kinda trump everything else. Big words, I know, but just have a looksie at what I found, and then tell me I am wrong… I dare you!









I am one smitten kitten. A lot of the items I want are sold out, which breaks my heart a little. However, the site tells you when they will be back in stock, so I guess I can be patient… for now!

As far as outfit posts are concerned, I am working on it. I am organizing my outfits and working out a plan to keep myself on top of everything. So be on the look out!

Happy Friday, Fashionistas!