Kérastase to the rescue… It is WORKING!

by littlefashionistaontheprairie

I am happy to report back that my new hair care regime is working!!!

I am so freakin’ happy. I have only used it 3 times, as I am trying at all costs to avoid heat styling so I’m only washing my hair every 4 days (might sounds gross to some, but it is actually bad to wash your hair everyday!). But, I have to say that even after those few times, I’m seeing the results I was hoping for.

I used the system last night (Hair masque,  shampoo and conditioner) but didn’t heat style after, so no blow drying or anything like that. This morning I woke up to hair that, while still damaged, was not frizzy and crazy like it has been. I was beyond thrilled!

It is so moisturising I could pee my pants from how excited I get when I feel my hair after. Last week, I used it the “proper way” aka. with heat styling, and my hair felt amazing. Not only did it feel amazing right after, but the days that followed too. That is a huge thing for me, because as of late my hair has been going über dry within a day or two after I wash it, even with hair masques and all the other voodoo I was trying.

I can’t contain my happiness. I highly recommend these products!