I am 100% certain that Zara stole my fashion dreams

by littlefashionistaontheprairie

I have a serious hard on for Zara right now… They’re just hitting all of my fashion buttons the right way and I LOVE IT!

Structured bags, leather on everything, studs, sequins, suede booties, coated denim, cropped pants, animal print (this is a new obsession of mine)! Egads, I am out of breath! Seriously, I am certain someone at Zara read my thoughts and designed everything to match all of the styles, cuts, fabrics and fits that I love.

Take these for instance… I nearly had a heart attack when I saw these cowhide treasures;

Ahh leather, you make my heart sing…

If you really know me, you know that I love glitter and sequins. Actually scratch that. I pretty much love anything embellished. Basically, I am like  magpie. If it blings, I will come. My love of embellished things probably stems from my aversion to accessories. While I love them sometimes, for the most part I steer clear. However, throw on something embellished and viola! you have yourself an accessorised outfit!

Needless to say Zara did not disappoint on this front. While the embellished factor on these is quite minimal (minus the skirt!), they have just enough to make them wearable without looking like you’re headed to Studio 54;

For some reason these last few months I have had a bit of a fashion change of heart. I usually steer clear of colour and prints, but my new-found love of red and (some, mostly animal) prints, has my closet looking extra fun!

I still don’t go all out with my prints and colour but for a pop of fun I could definitely throw on any of these with my standard uniform and not feel like Carrie Bradshaw;

As a taller gal, I always have a hard time finding pants long enough to fully cover my gams. I learned long ago to embrace this misfortune, and instead love all things cropped. There is nothing sexier than a slim fit cropped pant and stilettos, it is so chic and sexy. Versatile too, I can wear a pant like this to the office or dinner and not skip a fashionable beat. Even better, the prints and textures Zara has this season are amazingly beautiful, I can’t wait to see these in person;


Get outta my head, Zara! I cant stress enough how in sync they are with my tastes… it is kinda spooky actually. But I wont complain, I’ll just shop!

SIDE NOTE: I would like to apologize for my laziness as of late… I have been terribly busy (for me anyway) and disorganized. I promise to post more frequently as soon as I get my shiet together!

Happy Thursday Fashionistas!