To ombré and add extensions, or not to ombré and add extensions… That is the question.

by littlefashionistaontheprairie

Ummm, hello! The answer is to ombré and add extensions, god dammit… I dream of long, beachy hair that has been kissed by the sun… and come hell or high water, I will achieve it!

Genetically, I have pretty good hair… I’m a natural (dark) blonde, it grows really fast, I have a heck of a lot of it and it has some good wave to it. But between me damaging my hair and the fact that I always think I want short hair, I haven’t been able to achieve my hair dream… sniff, sniff

Currently, my hair is all over light blond and barely past my shoulders with some bangs. Thanks to my hasty choice to dye my own hair, I had no choice but to lob it off and dye it all one colour to correct it. Although, I was inspecting my hair this morning, and I was very surprised to see that it has gotten 100x healthier than it was before. I found this great Keratin hair mask and have been applying it religiously over the past few weeks but I still have a lot of damage that I need to get rid of which means only one thing…chop, chop, chop!

So to achieve hair dreams, I have come to two conclusions; 1) I want to ombré my hair and 2) I want to get extensions (since I will need to chop off my hair to get it healthy).

I am a bit fearful to get extensions, as I have heard they can be quite damaging and look horrid if not maintained properly. But I think I can handle the maintenance to keep them in great condition, so I’m not worried. Plus, how fun is it going to be having beautiful, long hair again! Jesus Murphy, I can’t wait!

Now on to colour! I really, really want ombré hair. I have been obsessed with the Neil George Blog as far as ombré inspiration goes… there are some seriously, slamming hair do’s on this blog!

I’ve always rocked a semi-ombré look (from pure laziness though), so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for me to do. I am no fuss kinda girl when it comes to my hair (Seriously, who like sitting there for 4 hours, every 6 weeks to touch up colour!? not this girl that’s for sure!), so it is a look that’s perfect for me.

Here are a couple looks (colour and length and style) I really, really like;

BONUS; Like me, the girl (top pic) has bangs and how friggin’ adorable does this style look with bangs!? I die!

I would definitely do a lighter version/combination of the two looks. I look much better with light blonde hair, and I also like it when the ombré is blended. The only problem with this is that as a bleach blonde bunny, it is hard to keep colour in this mane and I think I would have to do a reverse ombré technique (add in dark, not add in light) and that will be tough to achieve optimum results, as it could fade out pretty fast. If that proves too tricky, I would guess I just stay bright blond and just stick with the same, length, cut and style as these lovely beauties… But I will be optimistic and hope for ombré!

If anyone has any advise, tips, suggestion or information on extensions and colours, please don’t hesitate to let me know! I am all ears on this one!

Happy Wednesday, Fashionistas!