Mr.T ain’t got nuthin’ on me

by littlefashionistaontheprairie

I recently made a super impulsive accessory purchase for a wedding I had to go to on the weekend. I was a bit hesitant at first, because I try to avoid impulse purchases at all costs, but decided to try them out anyway. To my delight, they were perfect for me (Do I know me or what!?).

Unfortunately I can’t find any pictures of them on the Aldo website so I sucked it up took a picture of myself wearing the necklace (did I mention I hate taking pictures… ugh, you should be very grateful!). Please ignore my serial killer smile.

Doesn’t it just scream “I pity da’ fool”? In the most fashionable way possible of course. They can be worn together (as I did this weekend while at a wedding) or separate (as I have done today).

As far as clothing options are concerned. your options are unlimited. For example, at the wedding, I paired them both with this LDB from H&M;

And for today, I paired the necklace with a black blazer, black tunic, coloured denim (green) and a neutral shoe with gold accents.  A pretty basic outfit, but with the addition of the necklace it becomes more “High Fashion” and pretty. Like I said, super versatile! I would wear these pieces with just about anything in my closet.

They are fairly flashy and large so I wouldn’t wear these with much else i.e. no earrings bigger than a stud. However,  if you’re bold enough, do it up sista!

Anywho, that’s all for today! Happy Thursday Fashionistas!