Friends don’t let friends “Duck Face”

by littlefashionistaontheprairie

I am fully convinced that my face, more specifically my lips, are possessed. Why, you ask? Well, lately, any time I review a photo of myself I am doing this ;

DUCK LIPS! the epitome of picture douchery…

To say I am ashamed is an understatement. I am mortified! When did this happen? I used to take normal pictures and then all of a sudden, bammmmmm, duck face!

Is there an epidemic I wasn’t aware of? is there a shot I can get, maybe a pill…. for the love of god, I will do/take anything to make this stop!!! I don’t consciously do this… believe me! More over, why have my friends let me do this? I know they love me or at least I think they do, so why the hell do they let me do this to them. I would be ashamed as hell to be caught immortalized in a photo with the girl above.

Friends: I am begging you girls to slap me right across the mouth the next time you see me do this. Don’t be gentle either, we need to slap whatever god damn demon is possessing my mouth right outta there.

Stop the “Duck Face” madness, if you see a family member, friend or stranger on the street giving “Duck Face” intervene by any measure necessary. They will thank you in the long run.