Fashion, and other observations, in the Big Smoke

by littlefashionistaontheprairie

I’m not entirely sure why I am so, god damn, lazy as of late. So I apologize for the lack of posts!

I had a fun, albeit blurry, time in Toronto this past weekend. Surprisingly, I did zero shopping. So unfortunately, I have nothing cool to report back on as far as fashion purchases in the T. Dot! Next time though!

As far as what I observed fashion wise, my only concern is the high percentage of men who wear jorts, aka. jean shorts… and not the baggy kind, oh no, the really tight, short kind… I understand that because it is hot as balls there it is necessary to keep it cool, but some of the shorts I witnessed were entirely too short and tight.

Take these for instance… they are neither, jean nor cotton… nope, these lil’ beauts are SPANDEX! To top it off, his cotton t-shirt is tucked into the spandex shorts. I spotted this man up close on the boardwalk around Lake Ontario, and let me tell you, it was not a pretty sight. Please note the hiking runners and socks as well…

I realize that tighter/shorter shorts are a very European thing, so props for being so fashion forward (not the guy above though!) it was just alarming to see so many guys wearing them.  I attribute this to my surroundings in E-Town. Not so many euro shorts or jorts over here… well not the fashionable kind anyway (let’s not get me started on that.)

As far as the ladies were concerned, I have nothing but praise. It was really hot when I went, so obviously high fashion was not the go to. Flowy dresses and rompers were the go to choices of most ladies, which is a-ok with me. No complaints TO ladies, good job!

Word of warning; leather leggings in August, not a good choice for staying cool. I learnt that the hard way… You’ve all seen that episode of friends when Ross can’t put his leather pants back on… almost happened to me! Although, I think I could have gotten away with a pair of paste pants, no problem!

I headed down to the Caribana Parade on Saturday and all I have to say is, you have to go… It was so much fun; the music, the costumes and people, everything was so colourful and alive. I highly recommend it. As a big fan of glitter, this was right up my alley… SO MUCH GLITTER!!!

I was brave enough (or drunk enough!) to hop the barricades and walk amongst the parade floats and dancers. It really is the only way to experience that parade. It is so infectious and energetic. You can’t have anything but a good time when you are in there.

I will definitely be back to the Centre of the Universe, despite the high number of jorts and spandex. That city is so diverse and interesting, and I would love to explore it a lot more. Plus shop.. of course!

Nothing much else to report back, unless you want to hear about how I wiped out in the middle of the streets after a late night of drinking… That’s a fun one and also, nothing surprising. It isn’t a successful trip for me unless I am bruised and battered when I return home.

Have a great day Fashionistas!