Typical Me

by littlefashionistaontheprairie

I’m a simple kinda girl… I can be seen in skinny jeans/jeggings with a loose top, maybe a pashmina, and some killer booties (or flats, depending on my mood) about 75% of the time.

I tend to wear minimal accessories; earrings, necklace and maybe a watch or bracelet. My rule of thumb for accessories is no more than 3 pieces of flair (yes, I stole that from Office Space).

A typical outfit for me would look exactly like this;


Pretty basic, nothing super flashy, but a little intimidating with the spikes (these Sam Edelman Renzo booties scare the crap out of guys for some reason). Very me!

On a somewhat related note; has anyone ever taken their Alexander Wang Rocco through airport security? It is hilarious! I’ve actually been questioned on whether I was carrying bullets in my purse, no jokes! 

Anyway, just thought I would share with you a bit about my style (since I talk about everyone else’s!). Have a great weekend everyone!