What time is it?

by littlefashionistaontheprairie

I love men’s watches, and not just because every fashionista is rocking a man’s, or menswear inspired, watch now. My affair began many, many years ago when the Spice Girls were still together and Nick Carter was my boyfriend (he just didn’t know). So lets say about 15 or 16 years.

What drew me in was the oversized, masculine quality they have, and also because they looked way better than my cheesy Winnie the Poo watch. I used to steal the watches of my male classmates and wear them around school until they made me give them back. They were just so much cooler than a girls watch, plus no other girl in school would dare wear a boys watch, they all wanted to be girly and cute. I on the other hand, wanted to be different. But do you think my Mom or Grandma would buy me a boys watch? no way Jose…

Currently, I only own two “menswear” inspired watches. This white ceramic , Lucien Picard that I bought off of Hautelook for a really great price (under $200!)… My favourite part is the rose gold on it! and the other is this (second image) oh so popular, Michael Kors one.


I am currently on the hunt for a few more. I’ve found a few that I love, love, love and had to share!