Eyebrows – the curtains to your soul

by littlefashionistaontheprairie

I consider myself a confident girl. I know I’m alright looking and I’m comfortable in my own skin.  There a few things I would like to tweak, like the size of my muffin top, but nothing I can’t throw a little effort in to and improve upon.

If I had to name one thing on my entire body that gives me the biggest complex it would have to be my eyebrows. I know, I know, it seems so trivial! Eyebrows!  But let me tell you, when you get stuck with sparse, super light eyebrows (like me) that “trivial” thing becomes a big ol’ pain in da arse!

I am eyebrow crazy, probably because I long for perfect eyebrows. I judge a person on many things, eyebrows are one of them. The shape, color and grooming of ones eyebrows is imperative to pulling together their face. They say eyes are the window to your soul, well eyebrows are the curtains and no one wants to look into a window full of ratty ass, tattered curtains.

If you’re like me, eyebrow impaired, you know the lengths we go to pull off the look of a perfect, (hopefully) natural, brow. Waxes, shadows, pencils, plucking, waxing etc… It is an endless battle. We fear water, sweat, the morning after (yes, I’m talking about hooking up!) and any activity that could lead to our eyebrows rubbing off. It’s a nightmare! The only other option is getting them tattooed, but we fear we may end up looking like this little lady right here;

I’ve recently stumbled upon a new technique that has actually changed my opinion on eyebrow tattooing.  Estheticians are now using a technique called “Feathering”. This technique creates the look of an actual eyebrow, as they are tattooing micro-fine hairs onto the brow. They also use custom colors to match the actual color of you eyebrow hair. So instead of the solid black, sharpie look that used to be, we are now seeing natural looking eyebrows that are really indiscernible from the real thing, like this;

Another bonus with this technique is that it only tattoos the first layer of skin, so if you ever tire of your eyebrows, they are much easier to laser off than a normal tattoo. This does mean that after about 5-10 years they will start to fade, but you can touch them up.

I have researched the hell out of this technique for the last few months and finally made an appointment to get mine done.  I spoke to a few technicians in Edmonton about exactly what I am looking for and a lot of my fears were alleviated. You have a lot of control as they do a consultation beforehand and carefully draw out your new eyebrows (they have special measuring tools and everything!). They also stop many times during the procedure and have you inspect their work.

The technician I’ve decided to go with is Erin Yu of Beautiful – The Permanent Makeup Clinic in Edmonton. For more information on this technique I would also check out this site. There is a lot of great information, plus her portfolio is really good. I won’t be going to this salon, as I don’t live in Toronto, but it helped me out a lot.

Next week I go in to get them done (I won’t post any pictures of my current eyebrow state until I do a full post on my new ones) and of course I have some apprehension, its permanent makeup after all and I would hate to end up with bad eyebrows permanently, but I’m very excited at the same time. I’m not even joking when I say that I have dreams about swimming in a pool, diving down and coming up with a set of perfectly manicured eyebrows!

Can’t wait to show you!