Coveted Item of the Month

by littlefashionistaontheprairie

My golden rule when it comes to shopping is that if you are unsure, walk away. If you can’t stop thinking about said item(s) after walking away, BUY IT!!! I haven’t always been like this, but years of “why the hell did I buy this?” have taken its toll on my closet and wallet. Plus, I am now at a stage in my style evolution where key pieces that are classic (with an edge), versatile and well-made, are way more important to me.

Last weekend was a true test of my will power. J Crew opened up shop in WEM (West Edmonton Mall). To say I was excited was a bit of an understatement. While it is not exactly my style, a mix between the Gap and Ralph Lauren, I definitely lust after a few pieces in their collection every season. This season was no exception.

I walked in and, like a moth to the flame, was drawn to the one item I knew I was going to be in a tizzy over. This little beauty covers everything I NEED for a great summer piece… sequins – check, nautical – check, versatility – check! 

OMB, I am in love. I first saw it while reading this post on Atlantic-Pacific, and have since had dreams about wearing it with everything from a sexy sequined skirt…Yes, more sequins (don’t judge me)…to dressing it down with jeans and flats. However, as per my golden rule, I did not purchase it. I knew going in that this beauty was pricey, but wasn’t really phased until I saw it up close and personal, $114… for a tank top… instant sticker shock, how could I live with myself knowing I just spent $100+ on a TANK TOP!!!

It’s not the money, I’ve paid $200+ for J-Brand jeggings (which are amazing btw’s! I can’t live without them). It’s the fact that it’s a tank top, and I live in Alberta. Where there are two seasons; winter and construction, and let me tell you, construction season is short.

For the record; I could live very comfortably and stylishly!

To numb my appetite, I purchased these bad boys and high-tailed it out of there (I also bought a cute anchor pendant and chain, but I can’t find a pic!).

Well it has now been over a week and, alas, I am still lusting. I feel as though I can hold off for another week, but I am getting pretty weak. My fashion day dreams are inundated with images of me in this tank top (I’ve even gone so far as to imagine wearing it in winter with a blazer, when it is -30!) so this Fashionista will just have to bite the bullet and open her wallet. Who knows, maybe they will trade for Shoppers Optimum points?!