“I really like your Crocs” – said by no one, ever

by littlefashionistaontheprairie

I think by now, you’ve come to the conclusion that I hate Crocs. Actually, I don’t hate them, I hate that women (men too!) wear them in lieu of real shoes because they are “easy to slip on and go”… In my world that means “I’m too lazy to take 2 extra seconds to wear a real shoe”… What the hell did you wear before Crocs, did you go barefoot?

I can see the usefulness of Crocs. They would be great for gardening, while you’re on a boat or while you’re trekking across the Amazon. I even find them adorable on little children. I get their purpose, they are a utility shoe. What baffles me is how they have taken over a great number of you ladies’ shoe collections and are now the go-to shoe in their lives. Do you hate yourself that much? Have you lost all hope?

Clothes/fashion shouldn’t define a person, I think as long as you are happy and you feel good about yourself you can wear whatever you like. However, I do believe that when you look your best, you feel your best. I’m not saying you need to be decked out in Oscar De La Renta, rocking your Loubous. BUT, you should look good in the clothes you wear and Honey, no one looks good while wearing Crocs. NO ONE!

Oh, they have fancy, high-heeled Crocs now? Don’t even get me started on these. That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Crocs are for lazy people, remember, you wear them because they are easy to slip on and go. You weren’t willing to put on a proper shoe in the first place, but now you can wear a “high-heeled” Croc?!?!

“Well then what the hell should I be wearing instead, all knowledgeable Fashionista?”…Well, I’m glad you asked! I have rounded up some reasonable and just as comfy and easy to slip-on and go alternatives to Crocs, that won’t make me want to light your feet in fire.

Just a side note; Crocs range from anywhere between $35 and $60!!! That has to be the worst part of it all… You are paying a lot of money to look like a homeless person. Mind Bottling!!!!

Toms – Some people think these are just as ugly, and I say to hell with you people! They are super cute, come in all colors/prints/fabrics, and they help out a good cause. Super easy to slip on and of course, comfy too!

Blue Beckett Women's Vegan Classics

Tory Burch, Reva Flats – These are a bit on the pricy side, but are super versatile. They can go from day to night, from work to the mall and all the soccer practices/grocery trips/wherever else you wore those god damn Crocs to just as easily.


Vans, Classic Slip-On – Fun, comfy and classic. You really can’t go wrong with this slip-on.

Aldo, Heholt – Aldo has been making this slip-on for a while now. They are a reasonable price, and come in a variety of prints, and colors.


I’m going to wrap things up here. These aren’t the only options out there, so don’t get stuck on the idea that these are the ONLY alternatives. Every shoe store in the mall has a plethora of flats that could easily replace your Crocs. These are just suggestions that are meant to inspire you to go out and look for a prettier alternative to the hideous, foam strapped to your feet at the moment.